PEPC Submits Written Comments to CMS Innovation Center Health Equity Roundtable

As part of the next phase in their Strategy Refresh, the CMS Innovation Center is holding a series of roundtables to hear from stakeholders in the space. PEPC provided written comments about the role of Physician-Led APMs in advancing health equity.

PEPC advocated for value-based care as a way to address the social determinants of health: Value-based care allows for more flexibility to make the needed upstream investments in social determinants of health and health disparities. Traditional fee-for-service payment methodologies do not pay for or support the needed care coordination and investment in community social needs needed to address the social determinants of health. Value-based care provides a critical opportunity to do this, as it creates the incentive structures for physicians to invest in upstream care and in increased care coordination with medical and non-medical providers. It also incentivizes payers and physicians to proactively identify the social risk factors and unmet social needs that pose a barrier or threat to an individual’s health.

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