PEPC Publishes Op-Ed on the Role of Independent Physicians in Driving Forward the Value Movement

The Partnership to Empower Physician-Led Care (PEPC) is proud to sponsor the first national Health Care Value Week (January 24-28, 2022), along with more than 70 other leading value-based care organizations. This week has been a time to reflect on the progress made to date in moving away from an inefficient fee-for-service model and toward models that encourage and incentivize patient-centered, holistic care, while also reducing health care costs.

Physician-led models have been – and will continue to be – at the core of this movement. This has been clear in the discussion this week and is also supported by the evidence generated by model implementation to date. We will not succeed in realizing our ambitious accountable care goals without fully engaging physicians and tapping into the trust built into the physician-patient relationship to more robustly engage patients.

So what do we do now? Read the full letter for three key recommendations.

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